The self-cultivation of leeks
The fundamental reason why “leeks” lack manners…
This pamphlet was finally titled The Self-Cultivation of Leeks
sensational headline
But quite a few of the articles that spread like crazy online used sensational headlines
Maybe they used the so-called transcript that was spread online and completely misinterpreted what I said
“Li Xiaolai’s behavior”, according to some of the articles, became “confirmation of long-term suspicions held by outsiders about the dark side of blockchain”
Over the past ten-plus years, those who have read my writings, listened to my lectures, or read my books all know that I have a habit
Does this mean that a novice is always a “leek”?
It doesn’t intentionally “record everything without regard to truth or falsity or good or evil and in a way that is difficult to truly alter”,
It’s evenhanded, just like the concept of “blockchain” that we are so enchanted with, or the concept of “time” that I have been enchanted with all of my life.
Also, I can purposely use this malicious title, and let more valuable thinking and truth spread more widely
Sickle The Leek and the Sickle
But, in the end, I thought that a self-mocking title with “leeks” in it would bring more traffic…
fool stupid sucker dumbass
Also, in the content that follows, I won’t avoid using the word dumbass. Please forgive me!
For instance, it would be difficult for the adjective before “scoundrel” to be “kind-hearted”.
The action of “cutting” in theory should be carried out by the adversary (the so-called “big player”),
“I’m a leek and I cut the ‘big players’!” If someone actually says this, you can be almost sure that they are exaggerating.
Those who haven’t made money, when they see someone like you who has made money, will feel even more devastated if you don’t use this “fake” language to comfort their weak hearts
The market has some exasperating laws, such as: As soon as you need to use cash, the market will fall!
infuriating bizarre
As soon as you sell, the price will rise… It’s simply infuriating! So why does this “bizarre” situation occur?
Our lives are full of absurdity, so clearly recognizing that we live in an absurd world is extremely practical and helpful for our healthy development.
take it as a given
I don’t know why — almost all countries in the world take it as a given that it isn’t a required course in general and higher education
The poorer someone is, the stronger their desire to make money, so they often don’t hesitate to make reckless moves
In this way many novices dig holes for themselves and put on the noose
If your luck is good enough, then you’ll be like me and have a chance to redeem yourself
speculation superficial
People often use long-term and short-term to distinguish between “speculation” and “investment”, but this is very superficial.
People see speculation as having a negative connotation, while investment as having a positive one, but this is also a common mistake and a superficial point of view
Before trading, research diligently and study deeply.
And how many people have not only read it, but read it multiple times, and periodically bring it out to read it again?
established fact
“Entering at the tail end of the bull market” is the fate of most people, so there’s nothing to complain about, and because it’s “established fact”, there’s no way to change it.

a type of mathematics that uses letters and other signs to represent numbers and values


Everyone has to clearly explain their own bitter experiences to themselves — not an explanation for others, but an explanation for themselves.


In a hospital, everyone who contracts a terminal illness must go through a painful period of “self-explanation”.


This is an incredibly painful and uncomfortable self-interrogation


There are some ugly girls in class, and their explanation for “having never received any love letter” is this: “I’m not that type of person! Not like those vixens…”


For instance, aside from making them inauthentic, in order to make this twisted explanation stand up, they will not hesitate to use any means to torment and frame those whom they call “vixens”.


According to my observations, all leeks endorse an idea that is actually mistaken: So-called trading is a “zero-sum game”.

Then why are people overjoyed when they willingly buy, but later on start to utter cries of anguish?


In a bear market, everyone is oppressed, and sometimes good assets fall even more steeply…

mature participate gambling

Also, when you’re a little bit more mature, you will understand: in the future, you must not participate in any zero-sum games — they are a bigger waste of time than gambling!


Because “leeks” believe that they are playing a “zero-sum game”, as soon as they enter the market they almost turn into a different species.


Why are they destined to call each other “dumbasses”? It’s a zero-sum game


If someone thinks incorrectly, or if the direction of their thought is incorrect, then in an instant they will truly become a vulgar person


So people who think deeply have a natural and sincere politeness:
Shorts (sellers) and longs (buyers) brush past each other and wish each other all the best.

Just like in chess, what is done first and what is done later is the final determinant of winning and losing — both sides have the same number of pieces, and the board is symmetrical, but in the end there is winning and losing.


“sequence” has a lot of other names, such as “tactics”.

master key

Every lock has its own key, and the vast majority of people don’t have a master key


Overly simple answers are often overlooked, because, just as people always assume that major events are controlled by vast conspiracies


So observe carefully: those who blindly believe in value investing can only understand their mistake and quietly pay for their incorrect decisions.


If you’ve never thought of this before, there is no need to feel inferior


In an extreme situation, one participant might only have 10,000 to bet, so if he loses in the first round he will be eliminated.


They wouldn’t. It’s more likely that they would be calm and unperturbed.


Always keep a certain percentage, or at least a certain amount, in cash — just as you need an oxygen tank when snorkeling, it’s not negotiable.


In urban legends, taking risks is always jumbled together with “bravery”.


This is a deep and wise admonition.


The ambiguity arises from the phrase “other people”, and it’s usually those who have failed at investing or speculating who “step right up” and misunderstand it


Similarly, the “watch” in “watch other people take risks” obviously doesn’t refer to “watching with ill will”, but instead refers to rationally observing and learning.

taking into account

What’s even scarier is takings risks without taking into account the costs…

because these are terms that only a gambling addict who was in a hurry to play Mahjong would propose


Laws are a lot of fun: if the issuer of a traded item fails to notify the public of the risk involved, they are quite likely to be determined to have committed the crime of fraud.